Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari was a double Italian Formula One World Champion who won the Drivers’ Title in 1952 and 1953. Along with Nino Farina, he is the only Italian racing driver to have won the Formula One World Championship but uniquely the only one to have won it more than once and with back-to-back titles. During his career he won 13 F1 races and claimed 14 pole positions. He was a double winner of the German Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix, the Belgian Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix and the Dutch Grand Prix. During the 1952 season, which Juan-Manuel Fangio missed due to injury, Ascari was virtually unbeatable in the Ferrari, winning every race he took part in, apart from the 1952 Indianapolis 500. Having miraculously survived a spectacular watery accident during the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix which saw his Lancia plunge into the harbour, Ascari was killed less than a week later on 26 May in a testing accident at Monza, aged 36. By strange coincidence, his father and pre-war racing legend Antonio Ascari was also killed at the age of 36, on the same day of the month.

Alberto Ascari's F1 Wins
Win NumberGrand PrixCircuitDateRoundNo.TeamChassisTyreGridWinning MarginRace TimeSpeedDistance
11951 German Grand PrixNürburgring29 July 19516/871Ferrari375Pirelli130.5003:23:03.300134.800456.200
21951 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza16 September 19517/82Ferrari375Pirelli344.6002:42:39.300185.914504.000
31952 Belgian Grand PrixCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps22 June 19523/84Ferrari500Pirelli11:55.2003:03:46.300166.000508.320
41952 French Grand PrixRouen les Essarts6 July 19524/88Ferrari500Pirelli145.3003:00:00.000128.958387.600
51952 British Grand PrixSilverstone Circuit19 July 19525/815Ferrari500Pirelli21 lap2:44:11.000146.321400.397
61952 German Grand PrixNürburgring3 August 19526/8101Ferrari500Pirelli114.1003:06:13.300132.300410.580
71952 Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Park Zandvoort17 August 19527/82Ferrari500Pirelli140.1002:53:28.500130.500377.370
81952 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza7 September 19528/812Ferrari500Pirelli11:01.8002:50:45.600177.100504.000
91953 Argentine Grand PrixAutódromo 17 de Octubre18 January 19531/910Ferrari500Pirelli11 lap3:01:04.600125.748379.499
101953 Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Park Zandvoort7 June 19533/92Ferrari500Pirelli110.4002:53:35.800130.429377.370
111953 Belgian Grand PrixCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps21 June 19534/910Ferrari500Pirelli22:48.2002:48:30.300180.998508.320
121953 British Grand PrixSilverstone Circuit18 July 19536/95Ferrari500Pirelli11:00.0002:50:00.000150.000423.949
131953 Swiss Grand PrixBremgarten23 August 19538/946Ferrari500Pirelli21:12.9303:01:34.400156.366473.200