Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet is a Brazilian racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship three times, in 1981, 1983 and 1987. He won 23 Formula 1 Grands Prix and claimed 24 pole positions during his F1 career before sustaining career ending injuries during practice for the 1992 Indianapolis 500. He is a double winner of the Brazilian Grand Prix and the Hungarian Grand Prix, a triple winner of the German Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix and a 4-times winner of the Italian Grand Prix. He is the father of Nelson Piquet Jr. who won the inaugural FIA Formula E Championship in 2015 and who deliberately crashed his Renault during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

Nelson Piquet's F1 Wins
Win NumberGrand PrixCircuitDateRoundNo.TeamChassisTyreGridWinning MarginRace TimeSpeedDistance
11980 United States Grand Prix WestLong Beach Street Circuit30 March 19804/165Brabham FordBT49Goodyear149.2121:50:18.550142.348261.705
21980 Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Park Zandvoort31 August 198011/165Brabham FordBT49Goodyear512.9301:38:13.830187.000306.144
31980 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Dino Ferrari14 September 198012/165Brabham FordBT49Goodyear528.9301:38:07.520183.440300.000
41981 Argentine Grand PrixAutódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez12 April 19813/155Brabham FordBT49CMichelin126.6101:34:32.740200.740316.315
51981 San Marino Grand PrixAutodromo Dino Ferrari3 May 19814/155Brabham FordBT49CMichelin54.5801:51:23.970162.870302.400
61981 German Grand PrixHockenheimring2 August 198110/155Brabham FordBT49CMichelin611.5201:25:55.600213.320305.505
71982 Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles Villeneuve13 June 19828/161Brabham BMWBT50Goodyear413.7991:46:39.577173.655308.700
81983 Brazilian Grand PrixAutódromo Internacional do Rio de Janeiro13 March 19831/155Brabham BMWBT52Michelin451.8831:48:27.731175.334316.953
91983 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza11 September 198313/155Brabham BMWBT52BMichelin410.2121:23:10.880217.548301.600
101983 European Grand PrixBrands Hatch Circuit25 September 198314/155Brabham BMWBT52BMichelin46.5711:36:45.865198.211319.664
111984 Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles Villeneuve17 June 19847/161Brabham BMWBT53Michelin12.6121:46:23.748174.085308.700
121984 Detroit Grand PrixDetroit Street Circuit24 June 19848/161Brabham BMWBT53Michelin132.6381:55:41.842131.450253.472
131985 French Grand PrixCircuit Paul Ricard7 July 19857/167Brabham BMWBT54Pirelli56.6601:31:46.266201.324307.930
141986 Brazilian Grand PrixAutódromo Internacional do Rio de Janeiro23 March 19861/166Williams HondaFW11Goodyear234.8271:39:32.583184.979306.891
151986 German Grand PrixHockenheimring27 July 198610/166Williams HondaFW11Goodyear515.4371:22:08.263218.463299.068
161986 Hungarian Grand PrixHungaroring10 August 198611/166Williams HondaFW11Goodyear217.6732:00:34.508151.804305.064
171986 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza7 September 198613/166Williams HondaFW11Goodyear631.8321:17:42.889228.373295.800
181987 German Grand PrixHockenheimring26 July 19878/166Williams HondaFW11BGoodyear41:39.5911:21:25.091220.394299.068
191987 Hungarian Grand PrixHungaroring9 August 19879/166Williams HondaFW11BGoodyear337.7271:59:26.793153.239305.064
201987 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza6 September 198711/166Williams HondaFW11BGoodyear11.8061:14:47.707232.635290.000
211990 Japanese Grand PrixSuzuka International Racing Course21 October 199015/1620Benetton FordB190Goodyear67.2231:34:36.824196.923310.527
221990 Australian Grand PrixAdelaide Street Circuit4 November 199016/1620Benetton FordB190Goodyear73.1291:49:44.570167.399306.180
231991 Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles-Villeneuve2 June 19915/1620Benetton FordB191Pirelli831.8321:38:51.490185.520305.670