Jackie Stewart

Nicknamed “The Flying Scot”, Sir Jackie Stewart is a triple British Formula One World Champion who won the Drivers’ Title in 1969, 1971 and 1973. In an era when, as he famously says, “motorsport was dangerous and sex was safe”, Jackie won 27 Grands Prix and claimed 17 pole positions, while setting new standards of professionalism and safety within the sport as well. Prior to Lewis Hamilton‘s recent successes, Stewart was the first British driver to win the World Championship 3 times and, prior to the rise of Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Hamilton, his tally of victories was the highest. He is a triple winner of the Monaco Grand Prix, the Dutch Grand Prix, the German Grand Prix and the Spanish Grand Prix (at Jarama and Montjuïch Park) and a double winner of the Italian Grand Prix, the United States Grand Prix, the Canadian Grand Prix, the South African Grand Prix and the French Grand Prix (at Paul Ricard and Charade). Stewart elected to retire at the top, at the end of the 1973 season, but chose not to start what would have been his 100th and final race, the 1973 United States Grand Prix as a mark of respect for his fallen team-mate François Cévert, who crashed fatally during qualifying that weekend. After retiring from active competition, Jackie became a commentator for the American ABC Sports Television Network between 1971 and 1986. In 1997, to great fanfare, Jackie returned to Formula 1 as owner of his own team, Stewart Grand Prix, which sensationally claimed a podium finish at Monaco in its first season thanks to an inspired drive by Rubens Barrichello. Even greater success was to come however, as British driver Johnny Herbert was able to pull off arguably the greatest upset of the 90’s, by winning the 1999 European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. The Nürburgring was coincidentally the scene of Jackie’s greatest F1 victory, the 1968 German Grand Prix, when he won by a margin of over 4 minutes. Herbert’s victory allowed Stewart to sell his team to Ford, who chose to relaunch it as Jaguar Racing in 2000.

During an interview for Beyond The Grid – The F1® Podcast with Tom Clarkson that was released on 31 October 2018, Sir Jackie talked about being with his friend Jochen Rindt when he died at the 1970 Italian GP meeting and about Tyrrell team-mate François Cévert’s fatal accident and his subsequent withdrawal from the 1973 United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. When asked by Clarkson if the 1968 German Grand Prix was his greatest race, he agreed “technically, probably it was my best race”. Stewart also reflected on Clay Regazzoni weaving and putting him into the barriers at the 1972 German Grand Prix. He also discussed learning from Jim Clark and living with his compatriot at Balfour Place in London. 

Jackie Stewart's F1 Wins
Win NumberGrand PrixCircuitDateRoundNo.TeamChassisTyreGridWinning MarginRace TimeSpeedDistance
11965 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza12 September 19658/1032BRMP261Dunlop33.3002:04:52.800209.961437.000
21966 Monaco Grand PrixCircuit de Monaco22 May 19661/912BRMP261Dunlop340.2002:33:10.500123.192314.500
31968 Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Park Zandvoort23 June 19685/128Matra FordMS10Dunlop51:33.9302:46:11.260136.244377.370
41968 German Grand PrixNürburgring4 August 19688/126Matra FordMS10Dunlop64:03.2002:19:03.200137.942319.690
51968 United States Grand PrixWatkins Glen International6 October 196811/1215Matra FordMS10Dunlop224.6801:59:20.290200.989399.762
61969 South African Grand PrixKyalami Grand Prix Circuit1 March 19691/117Matra FordMS10Dunlop418.8001:50:39.100178.000328.320
71969 Spanish Grand PrixMontjuïc Circuit4 May 19692/117Matra FordMS80Dunlop42 laps2:16:53.990149.500341.100
81969 Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Park Zandvoort21 June 19694/114Matra FordMS80Dunlop224.5202:06:42.080178.710377.370
91969 French Grand PrixCharade Circuit6 July 19695/112Matra FordMS80Dunlop157.1001:56:47.400157.300306.090
101969 British Grand PrixSilverstone Circuit19 July 19696/113Matra FordMS80Dunlop21 lap1:55:55.600204.800395.686
111969 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza7 September 19698/1120Matra FordMS80Dunlop30.0801:39:11.260236.520391.000
121970 Spanish Grand PrixCircuito Permanente del Jarama19 April 19702/131March Ford701Dunlop31 lap2:10:58.200140.400306.387
131971 Spanish Grand PrixMontjuïc Circuit18 April 19712/1111Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear43.4001:49:03.400156.400284.250
141971 Monaco Grand PrixCircuit de Monaco23 May 19713/1111Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear125.6001:52:21.300134.400251.600
151971 French Grand PrixCircuit Paul Ricard4 July 19715/1111Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear128.1201:46:41.680179.700319.550
161971 British Grand PrixSilverstone Circuit17 July 19716/1112Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear236.1001:31:31.500210.000320.317
171971 German Grand PrixNürburgring1 August 19717/112Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear130.1001:29:15.700184.191274.020
181971 Canadian Grand PrixMosport International Raceway19 September 197110/1111Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear138.3001:55:12.900131.900253.248
191972 Argentine Grand PrixAutódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez23 January 19721/1221Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear225.9601:57:58.820161.630317.823
201972 French Grand PrixCharade Circuit2 July 19726/124Tyrrell Ford003Goodyear327.7001:52:21.500163.500306.090
211972 Canadian Grand PrixMosport International Raceway24 September 197211/121Tyrrell Ford005Goodyear548.2001:43:16.900183.900316.560
221972 United States Grand PrixWatkins Glen International8 October 197212/121Tyrrell Ford005Goodyear132.2681:41:45.354189.078320.665
231973 South African Grand PrixKyalami Grand Prix Circuit3 March 19733/153Tyrrell Ford006Goodyear1624.5501:43:11.070188.530324.216
241973 Belgian Grand PrixCircuit Zolder20 May 19735/155Tyrrell Ford006Goodyear631.8401:42:13.430173.380295.400
251973 Monaco Grand PrixCircuit de Monaco3 June 19736/155Tyrrell Ford006Goodyear11.3001:57:44.300130.300255.684
261973 Dutch Grand PrixCircuit Park Zandvoort29 July 197310/155Tyrrell Ford006Goodyear215.8301:39:12.450184.020304.272
271973 German Grand PrixNürburgring5 August 197311/155Tyrrell Ford006Goodyear11.6001:42:03.000188.000319.690