1984 Portuguese Grand Prix

The 1984 Portuguese Grand Prix was Round 16 of the 1984 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The event was held in Estoril, Portugal on Sunday, 21 October 1984. Nelson Piquet started on pole position in the Brabham BMW and Alain Prost was the race winner in the McLaren TAG. The result of this Grand Prix sealed the outcome of the 1984 Drivers World Championship and Niki Lauda won the world title for the third and final time.


4. Grande Premio De Portugal 1984 Race Result
Pos.No.DriverNationalityTeamTyreLapsTime/RetiredRace TimeGapIntervalBest LapLapSpeedStartedPoints
17Alain ProstFranceMcLaren TAGMichelin701:41:11.7531:41:11.7531:23.45239180.54029
28Niki LaudaAustriaMcLaren TAGMichelin70+13.4251:41:25.178+13.425+13.4251:22.99651180.142116
319Ayrton SennaBrazilToleman HartMichelin70+20.0421:41:31.795+20.042+6.6171:24.37346179.94634
427Michele AlboretoItalyFerrariGoodyear70+20.3171:41:32.070+20.317+0.2751:24.14868179.93883
511Elio de AngelisItalyLotus RenaultGoodyear70+1:32.1691:42:43.922+1:32.169+1:11.8521:25.68045177.84152
61Nelson PiquetBrazilBrabham BMWMichelin69+1 lap1:41:25.3961 lap1 lap1:24.27539177.56211
715Patrick TambayFranceRenaultMichelin69+1 lap1:41:38.4541 lap+13.0581:25.50637177.1827
822Riccardo PatreseItalyAlfa RomeoGoodyear69+1 lap1:41:56.0101 lap+17.5561:26.17343176.67412
928René ArnouxFranceFerrariGoodyear69+1 lap1:42:08.7761 lap+12.7661:25.71153176.30617
102Manfred WinkelhockGermanyBrabham BMWMichelin69+1 lap1:42:08.8641 lap+0.0881:26.40463176.30319
1120Stefan JohanssonSwedenToleman HartMichelin69+1 lap1:42:16.9001 lap+8.0361:24.05351176.07210
1226Andrea de CesarisItalyLigier RenaultMichelin69+1 lap1:42:19.6941 lap+2.7941:26.80636175.99220
1314Gerhard BergerAustriaATS BMWPirelli68+2 laps1:42:15.6572 laps1 lap1:26.60159173.55523
145Jacques LaffiteFranceWilliams HondaGoodyear67+3 laps1:41:25.7593 laps1 lap1:24.50755172.40515
1521Mauro BaldiItalySpirit HartPirelli66+4 laps1:42:47.0564 laps1 lap1:27.77248167.59325
1630Jo GartnerAustriaOsella Alfa RomeoPirelli65Out of Fuel1:37:38.9025 laps1 lap1:27.16958173.73524
1723Eddie CheeverUnited StatesAlfa RomeoGoodyear64+6 laps1:41:42.8456 laps1 lap1:26.02033164.22514
DNF24Piercarlo GhinzaniItalyOsella Alfa RomeoPirelli60Engine1:32:28.0751:28.41042169.35622
DNF12Nigel MansellGreat BritainLotus RenaultGoodyear52Spun Off1:16:25.7521:24.26747177.5766
DNF16Derek WarwickGreat BritainRenaultMichelin51Gearbox1:16:17.2211:25.30920174.4859
DNF33Philippe StreiffFranceRenaultMichelin48Transmission1:12:38.2081:26.87443172.47413
DNF6Keke RosbergFinlandWilliams HondaGoodyear39Engine57:01.2191:25.66737178.5154
DNF25Francois HesnaultFranceLigier RenaultMichelin31Electrical47:20.7361:29.21919170.89221
DNF18Thierry BoutsenBelgiumArrows BMWGoodyear24Transmission35:51.6581:27.72524174.67418
DNF10Jonathan PalmerGreat BritainRAM HartPirelli19Gearbox38:33.6161:30.7116128.60326
DNF17Marc SurerSwitzerlandArrows BMWGoodyear8Electrical12:20.8511:28.6357169.10216
DNF9Philippe AlliotFranceRAM HartPirelli2Engine3:29.5071:35.5422149.49327

Memorable race Moments

Race Start

From 4th on the grid, Keke Rosberg surges past pole sitter Nelson Piquet’s Brabham BMW and Alain Prost’s McLaren TAG to take the lead into the first corner. From 6th on the grid, Nigel Mansell follows the Finn through into 2nd in his JPS Lotus. Championship leader Niki Lauda, meanwhile, drops from 11th on the grid down to 13th.

Lap 1

Nelson Piquet spins off but rejoins the race.

Lap 2

Nigel Mansell runs wide and Alain Prost passes him.

Lap 7

Alain Prost overtakes race leader Keke Rosberg under braking for Turn 1.

Lap 12

Nigel Mansell overtakes Keke Rosberg’s Williams Honda under braking for Turn 1 to move up into 2nd position.

Lap 28

Struggling through the field with a broken turbocharger, Niki Lauda overtakes Michele Alboreto’s Ferrari under braking for Turn 1 to move up into 5th place.

Lap 31

Niki Lauda passes Keke Rosberg under braking for Turn 1 to move into 4th place.

Lap 33

Niki Lauda passes Ayrton Senna’s Toleman Hart under braking for Turn 1 to move up into 3rd place.

Lap 52

Driving a superb race in his final appearance for Lotus, Nigel Mansell goes off the track due to a catching brake. As he tours back to the pits to retire, he is passed by Niki Lauda for 2nd, the finishing position the Austrian requires to win the World Championship.

Lap 70

Alain Prost takes the chequered flag to win the race but agonisingly loses the championship to McLaren team-mate Niki Lauda by just half a point after the Austrian’s gritty comeback drive through the field to 2nd from 11th on the grid.


After consoling a devastated Alain Prost, Niki Lauda is embraced by wife Marlene, who makes a rare public appearance in support of her husband.