1986 Australian Grand Prix

The 1986 Australian Grand Prix was Round 16 of the 1986 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The event was held in Adelaide, Australia on Sunday, 26 November 1986. Nigel Mansell started on pole position in the Williams Honda and Alain Prost was the race winner in the McLaren TAG. The result of this Grand Prix sealed the outcome of the 1986 Drivers World Championship and Prost won the world title for the second time.

Foster’s 1986 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Result
Pos.No.DriverNationalityTeamTyreLapsTime/RetiredRace TimeGapIntervalBest LapLapStartedPoints
11Alain ProstFranceMcLaren TAGGoodyear821:54:20.3881:54:20.3881:20.9796949
26Nelson PiquetBrazilWilliams HondaGoodyear82+4.2051:54:24.593+4.205+4.2051:20.7878226
328Stefan JohanssonSwedenFerrariGoodyear81+1 lap1 lap1 lap1:22.13674124
43Martin BrundleGreat BritainTyrrell RenaultGoodyear81+1 lap1 lap1:22.95063163
54Philippe StreiffFranceTyrrell RenaultGoodyear80Out of Fuel2 laps1 lap1:22.68163102
611Johnny DumfriesGreat BritainLotus RenaultGoodyear80+2 laps2 laps1:22.46469141
725René ArnouxFranceLigier RenaultPirelli79+3 laps3 laps1 lap1:22.955685
826Philippe AlliotFranceLigier RenaultPirelli79+3 laps3 laps1:25.798788
914Jonathan PalmerGreat BritainZakspeedGoodyear77+5 laps5 laps2 laps1:23.8666821
1019Teo FabiItalyBenetton BMWPirelli77+5 laps5 laps1:25.8954713
NC16Patrick TambayFranceLola FordGoodyear70Not Classified12 laps7 laps1:24.1824217
DNF5Nigel MansellGreat BritainWilliams HondaGoodyear63Tyre19 laps7 laps1:21.194581
DNF7Riccardo PatreseItalyBrabham BMWPirelli63Electrical19 laps1:23.0955519
DNF2Keke RosbergFinlandMcLaren TAGGoodyear62Tyre20 laps1 lap1:21.900627
NC22Allen BergCanadaOsella Alfa RomeoPirelli61Not Classified21 laps1 lap1:33.1722626
DNF8Derek WarwickGreat BritainBrabham BMWPirelli57Brakes25 laps4 laps1:23.6954020
DNF17Christian DannerGermanyArrows BMWGoodyear52Engine30 laps5 laps1:25.6355024
DNF18Thierry BoutsenBelgiumArrows BMWGoodyear50Engine32 laps2 laps1:25.3514822
DNF12Ayrton SennaBrazilLotus RenaultGoodyear43Engine39 laps7 laps1:24.14963
DNF23Andrea de CesarisItalyMinardi Motori ModerniPirelli40Mechanical42 laps3 laps1:26.5912711
DNF20Gerhard BergerAustriaBenetton BMWPirelli40Engine42 laps1:24.807296
DNF29Huub RothengatterNetherlandsZakspeedGoodyear29Suspension53 laps11 laps1:26.4792923
DNF15Alan JonesAustraliaLola FordGoodyear16Engine66 laps13 laps1:24.5851515
DNF24Alessandro NanniniItalyMinardi Motori ModerniPirelli10Accident72 laps6 laps1:27.821918
DNF21Piercarlo GhinzaniItalyOsella Alfa RomeoPirelli2Transmission80 laps8 laps1:34.172225
DNF27Michele AlboretoItalyFerrariGoodyear0Accident82 laps2 laps9

Memorable Race Moments

Race Start

Pole sitter Nigel Mansell holds the lead into the first corner as Ayrton Senna moves up to 2nd place in the JPS Lotus.

Lap 1

Further round the first lap Ayrton Senna overtakes leader Nigel Mansell and so does Nelson Piquet. Next, Keke Rosberg passes Mansell. Later, Piquet passes Senna down the Brabham Straight to take over the race lead.

Lap 2

Keke Rosberg overtakes Ayrton Senna into the hairpin for 2nd place.

Lap 3

Nigel Mansell overtakes Ayrton Senna for 3rd place on the blast down the Brabham Straight to the hairpin.

Lap 6

Keke Rosberg overtakes Nelson Piquet at the first corner and leads a Grand Prix for the first time as a McLaren driver.

Lap 22

Murray Walker: “And off spins Piquet! Wow Wee!”

Nelson Piquet spins and rejoins but falls down to 4th behind Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell.

Lap 31

Alain Prost makes a pit stop, which lasts 17.13 seconds.

Lap 43

Nelson Piquet overtakes team-mate Nigel Mansell into Turn 1.

Lap 62

Murray Walker: “Rosberg out! Keke Rosberg is out of the Australian Grand Prix. If this isn’t a sensation I would like to know what is.”

In his final Grand Prix, Keke Rosberg retires from the lead of the race with a right rear Goodyear tyre failure.

Lap 63

Murray Walker: “And look at that! Out, colossally, that’s Mansell! That is Nigel Mansell! And the car’s absolutely shattered, he’s fighting for control. You can see what’s happened. Mansell is out of the race. Now, this could change and will change the world championship.”

Nigel Mansell’s left rear tyre explodes at high-speed on the Brabham Straight, forcing him into a devastating retirement and robbing him of an almost certain first World Championship title. In response, the Williams team instantly order Nelson Piquet to pit for a fresh set of tyres, dropping him behind Alain Prost.

Lap 82

Against all the odds Alain Prost crosses the line to win the race and his second successive world championship title. Just metres beyond the finish line, he runs out of fuel and stops at the side of the track.